Why Fusion

Fusion Online is a fully scalable enterprise project management system. It is the world’s most proven, most effective way to apply the Critical Chain Project Management Methodology to projects of virtually any size in any industry.

The company behind Fusion Online, Prochain Solutions, Inc., has over 25 years of experience building and perfecting project management solutions tailored to the demanding needs of today’s high-tech, medical device, manufacturing, and aerospace companies.

Why Fusion Suite

Fusion Suite isn’t just another collection of Project Management software titles. It’s a thoughtfully developed, modular solution to the unique needs of highly complex projects with mission-critical outcomes.

If your organization thrives on the success of your projects, Fusion Suite was built for you.

Ease of Use

Fusion Suite is intuitive, easy to manage, and indispensable for Project Management teams and team leaders alike.

Powerful Features

On-demand, 100% customizable charts, graphs, reports, and displays combined with easy integration makes Fusion Suite a top-tier project management solution.

World-Class Support

Ongoing training, product updates, and online help mean you’re never left without a resource to solve a problem or address a challenge.

The Critical Chain Method

install Fusion software

view ProChain University basics program

build your schedule with your team

implement the Progress Loop

Start Your Free Trial

Get started with Fusion Online quickly, easily, and at no cost! Evaluate a fully functioning installation of the Fusion Online solution for yourself, and see why FORTUNE 500 companies around the world rely on Fusion Online to keep projects moving smoothly.

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