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Fusion Online brings the best of the Critical Chain project management methodology to industries that demand speed, reliability, and efficiency. However you need your project management platform to perform, Fusion Online can be configured and deployed to meet your unique needs.






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Solutions by Industry


Speed and productivity are mission-critical in pharmaceutical product development. Long-term success in this space goes to those who figure out how to bring promising new products to market quickly while controlling development costs and adhering to patient safety and regulatory requirements. Fusion Suite provides pharmaceutical industry solutions not found in traditional project management.

“This methodology drives conversations to a level of detail that exposes both opportunities and realities.”

– Planner, Fortune 50 Pharmaceutical Company

Medical Device

Fusion has worked with many medical product companies to apply the A⁵ Project Management System to their projects. These are often complex projects that combine hardware, software, chemistry, and biophysics with exacting company and government requirements for precision and quality. With Fusion, their efforts have paid off time and time again.

“Monitoring of timeline is at level that’s never done before. Weekly updates keep you accountable and enable the right communication to ensure that the team stays on track and takes advantage of all opportunities.”

– Fortune 150 Pharmaceutical Company

High Tech

In high-tech industries, few things matter more than delivering products when they’re promised to the market. That delivery has to include the most competitive feature set possible. Meanwhile, due to the complex and innovative nature of these products, various specialized resources are in short supply. The challenge is to put resources to optimal use, which is why Fusion Suite is such a perfect fit for the high-tech vertical.

“Fusion Online is now a critical part of our operational methodology. The ROI for this implementation of PPM is ludicrous.”

– Fortune 200 High Tech Company

Information Technology

IT departments must keep their customers satisfied by exceeding expectations with high-quality products while keeping costs low. More and more IT departments are plagued with chronic problems caused by late, over-budget, or under-scoped deliveries. Fusion Suite’s integrated scheduling and resource management system provides increased efficiency and better predictability to ensure that customers stay happy.

“As an engineer resource manager, the CCPM piece was kind of the missing link to getting a true, credible model out there. One of our first CCPM jobs was a 230kV Radial Feed in Washington. The results of the IDC coupled with CCPM were a 5% cost reduction on the project and a 10% schedule reduction.”

– Continuous Improvement Manager, Small Engineering Company

Aerospace and Defense

Fusion Suite helps A&D companies construct and execute in a way that provides phenomenal visibility, control, and value. Defense and Aerospace programs are typically very large in scope and are under very stringent time and price controls, which can require using a mandatory Earned Value management system. It’s always a high priority for companies in these industries to use the resources they have as effectively as possible, making them ideal Fusion Suite users.

“We saw a 21% reduction in the cycle time for projects after one year of Critical Chain Project Management.”

– Global Aerospace and Defence Company


Ask any project manager in an engineering company, and they’ll tell you: projects live and die by resource allocation, team coordination, and quality control, among other imperatives. The inherent complexity of engineering lends itself perfectly to the features and benefits provided by Fusion Suite. With it, engineering project management teams collaborate effectively, anticipate disruptions sooner, and react faster to changing requirements.

“Our IT organization went almost a year with 100% on-time delivery. The impact to the organization has been huge for us.”

– Fortune 150 IT Company

Use Case

Fusion Suite, the ultimate project management app, offers a comprehensive solution for streamlined project planning, efficient team management, task tracking, and resource scheduling. With its user-friendly interface, you can create project timelines, allocate tasks, and set milestones effortlessly. The Team Management module promotes collaboration and accountability, while Work Management simplifies task tracking. The Resource Scheduling feature optimizes resource allocation for maximum efficiency. From startups to large corporations, Fusion Suite is the go-to tool for confident and precise project management.

Integration and Training

Every successful Fusion Online deployment relies on a strategic integration plan coupled with thorough training for users and administrators.

From initial configuration, installation, and integration with your existing data structures to final commissioning and Day One execution, we’re with you every step of the way. And ongoing training is always available when you need it in a delivery format that works best for your team.

Maintenance and Support

All subscription licenses of Fusion Online products include comprehensive maintenance and support for as long as the license remains active. Perpetual licenses include 90 days of complimentary maintenance effective on the date of purchase.

Maintenance includes all available downloads, software updates, and upgrades, all of which are provided free of charge. Telephone and email software support are also included.

Maintenance subscriptions can easily be extended, and we’ll be sure to notify you before your existing maintenance is due to expire.

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