Project Planning

Ideal resource allocation is the lifeblood of effective project planning. With Fusion Online, you identify resource constraints before they hinder progress, which in turn optimizes the time spent by key team members. This minimizes overburdening and underutilization, ensuring that projects move forward efficiently.

For project planning, additional benefits of Fusion Online include enhanced scheduling accuracy, reduced multitasking, and improved risk management.

Prioritize, Focus, Finish

Fusion Online was developed to reduce the variability and guesswork inherent in the project planning discipline. When your projects are planned and scoped using the people and resources they need—no more, no less—deadlines are met, goals are achieved, and your projects get to ‘done’ more consistently and reliably.

Experience the power of Fusion Online for yourself with a risk-free trial that’s easy to start and even easier to use.

Everything Your Team Needs, All in One Place

Intuitive, insightful Fever Charts. Crisp, user-friendly screen layouts. Seamless collaboration across teams. Fusion Online delivers the very best of the Critical Chain methodology honed and refined after 15 generations of improvements.

  • Enhanced Variability Profiles
  • Real-time Schedule Tracking
  • Actionable Impact Chains
  • Easy Identification of Project Delays
  • Granular Customizability
  • Extensibility Across the Organization

Plan Better, Move Faster, Achieve More


See what’s happening, where, and why. Make informed decisions fast, and stay ahead of the curve.

Intuitive Ease
of Use

Fusion Suite is designed to be easy to learn, use, and adapt to your unique needs.

Complete, Customizable Dashboards

Only see the information you need, in a format and layout that includes every relevant data point in one place.

Operation In the Cloud
or On-Premise

Use Fusion Suite however it makes the most sense for your organization. Go lean, or keep it all in-house.






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