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Technical FAQ’s for Fusion

We have 25 years of testing our Critical Chain scheduling algorithms in the real world. It works in simple or complex environments with a great variety of modeling options.

We have regular security audits to identify and fix potential security concerns. We host Fusion Online on Microsoft Azure, which maintains up-to-date, industry-standard security practices and protocols. We can also support on-premise installations. Contact us to learn more.

Fusion Online supports current Firefox, Chrome, and Edge browsers, as well as Safari on mobile devices. It does not support Internet Explorer.

When you log into Fusion Online, there is a Tutorials button that brings you to the available courses and videos.

The latest versions of Fusion Desktop support Microsoft Project 2013 and later (32- and 64-bit) and interface with Microsoft Project Server. We do not currently support the Project Web App of Microsoft Project Online.

Fusion Desktop is an add-on to Microsoft Project. Installing it will add the functionality required for Critical Chain project scheduling and management—none of the Microsoft Project functionality is disabled. It comes with a project scheduler, a task update interface, analysis tools, views, and reports. Note that Fusion Desktop files can be opened and viewed by anyone with Microsoft Project.

No. Uninstalling will clean up old files and registry entries, but not uninstalling won’t adversely affect anything.

Fusion sizes buffers based on the amount of variability in the tasks, not the duration of the tasks. You can model this by specifying both “focus” durations and “low-risk” durations. If a task is guaranteed to be delivered on schedule, its focus duration would be set equal to its low-risk duration, and that task would not contribute to the buffer’s size.

Yes. Fusion is designed so that each project can have multiple endpoints or “deliverables.”

Percent Complete is subject to different interpretations. For example, there is a human tendency to say that you are 90% complete very quickly, and then spend just as long or longer finishing up the last 10%. Using Remaining Duration puts the focus on time, where it belongs.

Please contact us with your circumstances. We offer open courses at our Woodbridge, Virginia location that may be more cost-effective.

Yes. For example, the Quick Start course is worth 30 PDUs. Please contact us to find out more.

Yes for Fusion Online. You can access Fusion Online through browsers on Apple phones and computers.

Maybe for Fusion Desktop and Fusion Pipeline. Macs with Intel chips can run Windows and Microsoft Project. There are more limited options for newer Macs with Apple Silicon chips. Note that we do not test for these situations.