Quick Access: Fusion Online

Congratulations on your new Fusion Online subscription! The information on this page should help you get started quickly with your new software. It will also help you install Fusion Desktop or Fusion Pipeline (the installation process is the same), if you have that in addition to Fusion Online.

Note: If you have Fusion Desktop but not Fusion Online, go here. Questions? Contact us.


Step 1: Get started with Fusion Online.

You should already have already have received an email inviting you to Fusion Online; clicked on the link and created a password; and received a Welcome email with a link to this page. If you have arrived at this page in some other way, you will need to contact your Fusion administrator.

You should have your Fusion Online web address, username, and password so that you can log into Fusion Online. If you have questions: contact your Fusion Online administrator, consult the Fusion Online Help for some detailed how-to’s, or contact us. ProChain University will be available through the Tutorials button in Fusion Online.

Team Members can stop the installation process here. If you have a Team Lead subscription, please continue in order to install Fusion Desktop.


Step 2: Prepare to Install Fusion Desktop

Team Leads only!

  1. System requirements:
    • Fusion Desktop and Fusion Pipeline will work with 64- or 32-bit versions of Windows 10 or later.
    • You will also need Microsoft Project’s Desktop Client, which can be purchased as a standalone license or on Microsoft’s site (Project Online plan 3 or 5); note that Microsoft offers a 30-day free trial. Please also see the video below.
  2. Get your Fusion Desktop or Fusion Pipeline installation file. You should be able to download the installer and documentation from Fusion Online’s Desktop App page, shown in the attached Fusion Online screen capture. If you do not have access to the Desktop App page, contact your Fusion Administrator.

Step 3: Installing Fusion Desktop

Team Leads Only!

Watch this video to see how to install Fusion Desktop on your computer. Installation consists of the following steps:

  1. Installing Microsoft Project (if necessary)
  2. Running the Fusion Desktop installer
  3. Activating Fusion Desktop

Step 4: Using Fusion Desktop

You are now ready to schedule and analyze your projects with Fusion Desktop (or Fusion Pipeline) and Fusion Online! There are several ways to find out more about using Fusion Desktop:

  • You can reference Help from the Fusion ribbon in Microsoft Project.
  • You can look in the Fusion Desktop User’s Guide, available via the Desktop App page in Fusion Online.
  • You can look at the ProChain University videos, available through the Tutorials button in Fusion Online.
  • The “How Do I…” section of the Fusion Online help contains useful information about connecting Fusion Desktop and Fusion Online.